Welcome to Atom Drones–Manufacturer and Service Provider for all types of drones,helicam,multi rotors.

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Atom Drones is the first company of India which provides smart services like Flower Dropping,Aerial Photography,Immersive Photography,Interactive Facetag,Virtual Tour service in India using all platforms including Helicopters,Aircrafts, radio controlled airplanes, drones, multirotors and helium blimps.

The complete setup is flexible and modular in design & easily transportable. We fly our flying camera at a low altitude using wide angle lens camera which offers views that are better and cheaper than to those shot from full-size aircraft. Our helicam team is available at short notice to film on any location world-wide.

Drone camera is actually a flying camera which can be controlled by remote.The drone has  camera which is assembled in such a way to obtain aerial pictures or motion images. The camera on drone which can be controlled by gimbal system allows tilt, pan and roll movements. There is a wireless onboard transmitter which is on board. With this transmitter, you can downlink the live signal to the camera operator, images can be recorded onboard, on the ground or both. One of the characteristics of the drone is the flexibility, redundancy and small size. The system is robust and very flexible. The system can be flown practically everywhere provided a small spot of about 4 square meters is available to take off and land. Flight endurance can range from 15 to 180 minutes. Generally Drone are battery operated which could be charged easily.

Drones could be used for various purposes like :




Aerial Video Shoot By Drone :