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TOP DRONES TO LOOK FORWARD IN 2019 1. DJI PHANTOM 5 – offers a zoom & a pro version with exchangeable cameras. – low noise quick release propellers – it comes with auto take off & auto returning features – providing a lens of 22megapixels of capturing resolution – interchangeable lens -fully equiped with GPS

Best Drones Under 1.5 Lakhs

Drones are being commonly used these days to capture addresses by politicians, concerts, and live sports events. They can provide a perspective to the audience that no other technology can provide. In the past, cameras hung from cables were used to capture aerial views. Drones are no longer preserve only for film makers and military

7 Tips for Drone Photography

7 Tips for Drone Photography In this article for tips for Drone Photography, I’ll share with you some of my basic experiences in doing drone photography tips.You’ll see how learning to use and fly a drone can help you improve all your photography as well. Here are 7 tips for Drone Photography : Learn to