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The Mavic: DJI’s latest foldable drone

On 26 September 2016, DJI launched their latest drone till date, The Mavic. Launched as a successor of Phantom 4, The Mavic stands out from all other drones in the market due to several reasons. First and most importantly is how compact it is. It features foldable rotor-blade attachments that fold perfectly into the body of

R/C Dictionary- Part 2

Angle of Attack –The angle that the wing penetrates the air. As the angle of attack increases so does lift and drag, up to a point. ARF –A prefabricated model – Almost Ready to Fly. ARR –Some cars and trucks are available virtually prebuilt and will be indicated by the terms ARR (Almost-Ready-To-Run) or RTR

R/C Dictionary Part 1

R/C Dictionary Here is a list of terms and abbreviations you might see in various R/C articles or hear your R/C friends talking about. Now, you can be just as smart about the hobby as your local R/C experts! 2.4GHz -It is a  Spread Spectrum. The newest radio band available for R/C use. Operates at higher