The Mavic: DJI’s latest foldable drone

On 26 September 2016, DJI launched their latest drone till date, The Mavic.

Launched as a successor of Phantom 4, The Mavic stands out from all other drones in the market due to several reasons.

First and most importantly is how compact it is. It features foldable rotor-blade attachments that fold perfectly into the body of the drones. When all the legs are tucked in, The Mavic measures a mere 8cms x 8cms x 20cms. That’s small enough to fit into a bag the size of a standard camera bag!

It’s not just the drone that’s small. Even the controller is a fraction of the size of its predecessors. A pair of retractable arms swings out to form a mobile device holder, to act as a screen.

The Mavic is fitted with an ULTRA HD 4K camera that brings you images sharper and clearer than before. You can also stream the video live over Wi-Fi as you shoot a location or an event. The Tripod Mode, makes the Mavic’s movements precise and slow, letting you get the perfect shots both indoors and outdoors.

Now you can take brilliant selfies with Mavic’s Gesture Mode. When in flight, just wave at the drone and it’ll take a picture of you, as you stand on a cliff or middle of the sea.

Another added advantage of the Mavic is that it comes with a new option to fly by mobile. This means that you don’t always need to carry the controller around. Set it up with the Wi-Fi on your phone and that’s all you need.

It comes with 24 high-performance computing cores, 5 vision sensors (two forward, two downward and the primary camera) and an all new transmission system that lets it fly seamlessly while avoiding obstacles in its path.  According to their website, DJI says that the Mavic creates an internal 3d map using ultrasonic transceivers of the area around it, assisting obstacle avoidance. The Mavic can sense and detect obstacles from up to 49ft ahead of it. Its Terrain Follow feature ensures that the Mavic maintains its height above the ground even when the ground under it is uneven.

In Sport Mode, the Mavic can reach speed of up to 65kmph that comes in very handy when shooting action packed events.

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