FAQ of Aerial Photography :


  • What is Aerial Photography?

Aerial photographs are photographs that are taken from the air at regular intervals, commonly along a predetermined flight grid. All aerial photographs are taken from a vertical angle.

  • Is your Aerial Photography live?

No, the aerial photography you see online is a mosaic of orthorectified photographic images captured in time.

  • How much does your service cost?

Pricing for aerial photography varies depending on a number of factors. As for pricing, every custom photo mission is unique. Some clients want one image, Other clients want several images along with large prints. We can photograph a site one time or we can photograph it monthly or weekly to document construction progress.When you have a need for aerial or ground-based architectural photography, please Contact Us and we will provide a quote specifically for you.

  • Can you provide my images on CD or via e-mail?

    We can provide your aerial images on CD at any size and resolution you need. If you need the images immediately, we can send them via e-mail.

  • What is the largest print size that you provide?

    There is no limit to the size of print that we can produce. If an image is too large to print in one piece, we produce multiple panels and install them on a wall as one, seamless image. If you have a conference room wall that is 12 feet by 20 feet, we can fill it with an aerial image! Since we produce our prints in-house, we control the quality. This also means that we can deliver prints to you quickly!

  • What type of machine do you utilize?

    We have various types of drones like quadcopter,hexacopter,octacopter,helicam,blimp or helicopter. Depends on the details of the project and budget, we utilize the best available options.