Atom Drones provides Aerial Mapping Services in Jaipur:

Atom Drones is the first company which provides Aerial Mapping Services in Jaipur from all platforms including Helicopter, Drone or Helium Blimps. We have expertise in Aerial Mapping along with experience.

 What is Aerial Mapping?

Aerial mapping or Aerial Survey is a method of collecting imagery of the ground or other features like buildings, roads, waterways etc and producing 3-d and orthomorphic maps through dedicated computer programs. Cameras and sensors used for aerial mapping can be fitted on aeroplanes, helicopters, drones, blimps and other airborne vehicles. Depending on the project, the cameras mounted on the aircraft may be triggered automatically or remotely.

Our Capability & Strength

We operate the latest, up-to-date drones using well-qualified professionals who fly the drones and give the best services across Jaipur. We are the service provider of drones, helicopters and aircraft to Major Corporates and Government bodies across India. We provide aerial mapping services in Jaipur.

Atom Drones is the leading service provider for close and long-range aerial mapping, videography, photography and cinematography in Jaipur. With years of experience, we operate cameras ranging from HD Canon EOS 5D to 6K RED Epic to fit your budget and requirements.

Atom Drones Services include pre-planning, insurance, all necessary equipment, remote controlled gyro-stabilized camera head, 6K camera with Zeiss lenses, wireless video assist and crew of two people experienced in remote-flying. All equipment fit in flight cases and will be set up and ready to shoot in 15 minutes of arrival.

We are based in Jaipur but work worldwide.

The Drones could be used for various purposes like :

  • Aerial Mapping
  • Aerial Survey
  • Search and Rescue
  • Film Making
  • Marriage Filming
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Crop Dusting
  • Aerial Investigation of Crime Scene
  • Cargo Delivery by Drone
  • Precise survey of huge buildings, Wind Mills, High Voltage Towers, under bridge, dams etc.

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Aerial Photography in Jaipur.

Atom Drone Services is a Smart Solution for Smart People.