GIS Mapping By Drone/UAV :

GIS Mapping By Drone/UAV

Following are the 10 of the many reasons to consider a UAV-based collection project:

  1. UAV flights provide eyes that can reach and hover above specific sites
  2. Equipped with sensors, they can measure, transmit and store data – quickly!
  3. Data can be used to produce or update  topographic and hydrographic maps, volumetric calculations for stockpiles, and flood insurance maps, among other
  4. overhead perspective and 360° panoramas relay a real-time scenario.
  5. Data can be used and rendered in Esri’s ArcGIS online web service and integrated into ArcGIS (or other systems)  for further processing
  6. Images are high resolution and serve a variety of users (and can be integrated into any enterprise GIS platform).
  7. Drones present no safety risk for the operator and eliminates risks to ground and air personnel
  8. Surveying firm McKim & Creed estimates a 60% cost savings using Esri’s Drone2Map over conventional survey techniques.
  9. UAS improved accountability, saved taxpayer money, did not disrupt construction operations
  10. Agencies and city managers can employ affordable orthophotography update projects, by flying and updating only the areas where change has like occurred rather than a costly update project that covers an entire region, territory, or county.


GIS Mapping by Drones or UAV is amazing technology and very helpful.